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The YMD athletics group is greatly inspired to create new history towards July 16 with our mentor President Ikeda. We are gathering 150 young men from all walks of life to create a unique, powerful and artistic performance which shows the true spirit, strength, and unity of the YMD. This activity is truly one of the best ways to deepen our faith in Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism, to bring out the best potential of each and every person and furthermore, to become leaders for Kosenrufu. Contact Ryan Tajonera

A Pyramid of Strength

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By Jasmina Chuck/ Sunday, May 21st, 2006 / New York Culture Center

The Young Men's Division Athletics group grows every rehearsal and is now a pride of lions whose roar is one of strength and unity.

The diverse group, varying in ages, heights and cultures, started the activity with a strenuous workout; the young men doing what young men do best - challenging themselves, sweating up a river and pushing themselves even more. When 10 push ups were done the group called for 10 more, working with a determined and fiery spirit.

It takes a lot of focus to do what the athletics group can do. Having marched with the group for fun last week, I got to experience how seemingly simple marches can be hard to do without concentration.

This group was more like a brotherhood helping one another out, making sure everyone was safe. When the group assembled to build a human tower, they each watched out to make sure they built an impressive but secure structure. The guys were really in their element and getting down to business but still having a good time.

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