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The Youngest of the Youth: Teens and Kids Take the Spotlight, Part 2
By Amari Snyder / Sunday, July 1st, 2006 / O'Henry High School

I hate it when someone asks "What's it like to be 14?" because I really can't answer them. How am I going to explain that in the matter of a day, or even two? When someone asks me that question I just put on a smile and say "great.", but even then my head is being flooded in a sea of doubt. But you know, when I chant or when I'm in the Culture Center, that doubt goes away. Life is good, and my life is important. I'm sure I've wrote this before and I'll write it again: without us kids, you can forget about any future whatsoever.

What is it about being a member in the SGI that seems to make being 14 seem better? I don't know. What's the best part? Maybe it's what 14 year old Shelley Greenberg of Latin Dance says: "Everything's the best part." Maybe it's that it's a gateway from the hectic life at home. Fifteen year old Alicia Slobadian of the Latin Dance Group knows that it can be hard to deal with friends, family and personal obstacles, but in the SGI, friends and fun are everywhere. The Culture Center is an oasis from the harsh desert of real life.

Fifteen year old Cheyenne Chen fights with her friends at home, but because of the Center, she's overcome her shyness. I had the same problem, and still do. But because of the Center I'm getting better.

Dreams can help you overcome obstacles too. Sometimes life can really stink but if you're looking forward to something, dreams can be the reason you get through life. If 11 year old Karen Oliveira sticks to her dreams, she's going to have a good career with cash and oh, two kids: a boy named Joshua and a girl named Lauren. And she's already on her way to a good singing career in the youth chorus. She likes to sing, especially when it lets her show her emotions. Also, everyone's is really friendly to her in the SGI. Sometimes a friendly person can inspire you to be nice too.


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