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Atul is the director of July 16th festival with his co-leader, Michiko Nakamura. He said, "My personal determination for this July 16th Youth Festival is to fully dedicate myself to all the youth participants. To always be there for the youth and help them to have personal breakthroughs. Most importantly it is also my personal determination to ensure that every participantís experience with this festival will be a positive, life-changing and valuable one."
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Bodhisttavas of the Earth

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Welcome to today's rehearsal (May 21st) for the July 16th Youth Festival. Good to see so many vibrant youth.

When I was younger around 12-13, when I was in Brass Band I didn't really understand the Buddhist terms I heard members saying. Honestly I came to the meetings and rehearsals because my parents made me. So for the most part I just went through the motions, practiced and scoped out the girls, etc. I didn't really grasp words like Bodhisattvas, etc. So I can understand what some of you may be going through.

Since we are having this festival for world peace, based on this Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism. Let us share with you further about some of the Buddhist concepts and words.

Today's word that I chose is Bodhisattva. Just curious, if there are any Bodhisattvas here, please raise your hand. (One tenth of audience hands raised) OK that's interesting. Not many hands raised. But you no what? That's okay. Don't worry about it and thanks for being honest.

So we keep hearing this word "Bodhisattva". For those that don't know would you like to know what that word means? (audience responds yes)


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