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[Sunday, July ast]
Crunch Time! July 1 Rehearsal
As July 16th draws nearer, all the groups are racing to perfect their performances. The rehearsal on Saturday, July 1st started out with gongyo led by John Kasahara...
[Sunday, June 25th]
Philadelphia African Dance Group Prepares for Breakthroughs
Fifteen-year-old Maria Chavarria hopes that young SGI members...

[Sunday, June 25th]
Festival Rehearsals Have a New Stage
Rehearsal participants found themselves in unfamiliar territory ...

[Sunday, June 18th]
Half-Time Towards the Youth Festival Goal
Strings, woodwinds, and percussions, oh my! - The Youth Band:...

[Sunday, June 11th]
Coming from Afar, Greeting from Afar
Rehearsal participants, some who traveled 3 hours or more...
[Sunday, May 21st]
Controlling Chaos and Building Unity:
From room to room and floor to floor, the New York Culture Center burst with...
[Sunday, May 14th]
Eight to Go!: Youth Division gather for the second rehearsal on May 14
The second rehearsal for the July 16th Meeting was a show of pure, momentous energy...

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