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Promotional Committee: Helping You Find Your Way
By Amari Snyder / Sunday, June 18th, 2006 / New York Culture Center

You’ve been in this situation before: you’re at your cousin’s wedding or an important meeting or maybe just at a really good movie. But suddenly, you have that urge. You have to go to the bathroom. And you’ve got to go bad. You rush out of the room, frantically searching the halls for the no avail.

But that won’t happen on July 16th. The Promotional Committee will make sure of that.

Takao Umehara the group leader, was out in the hot sun on Sunday, June 18th, making signs to help the festival’s participants and guests navigate Lincoln Center, helping them avoid “frantically” searching any ridiculously long halls.

But Takao has more reasons for working so hard: to gain more respect for himself in the workplace by completing a job from beginning to end. He says that his practice of Nichiren Buddhism keeps him on top of things and motivated. Takao’s good attitude is reflected in his hard-working group.

Tommy Min, age 11, chose to join this group because he finds it enjoyable and making the signs fun. He also knows his work helps others, bringing him more satisfaction. If only more of us could feel the same way about our work!

As the hot sun poured down the backs of the laborers, I interviewed Smita Kumar, who has lofty goals for the festival. She wants over a hundred young women’s division members to come to the performance, and to bring twenty guests herself. To think, I was happy about bringing maybe three. Smita has a smile on as she’s making signs. When asked if she loves her practice, her answer was: “Absolutely. One hundred percent.”

The promotional committee is doing an inspirational job, and Teima Shafeek agreed with me. We both know what really makes this group great is the people. Teima also enjoys the design aspect of the activity.

Members of the Promotional Committee are going to make it really easy for guests attending the festival. Even though they themselves may not be on stage, they are contributing in an important way. It’s like the unseen gears of the clock: you may not see them, but they’re there, keeping everything running smoothly.

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