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Parents: the whole world in their hands
By Amari Snyder / Sunday, July 1st, 2006 / O'Henry High School

We all know that we children are the future. When my old body becomes nothing more than dust in a coffin, my children will be alive making sure the ever going cycle of life continues. But if our children cannot improve on the mistakes we made, like global warming and war, you can just forget about any future whatsoever. So, where that leaves the parents? In a big situation.

Staying with and raising children for 18 years is no easy accomplishment. But the parents of the SGI work hard to raise their kids. Dedication and hard work pay off however, because as the child matures, many parents mature also. Wanetta Martin knows this. Her 15 year old daughter grows alongside her mother. When one tries to better themselves, the other tries to the same. Wanetta is also a guide for her kid. A kid must be able to talk to their parents and learn from them. Wanetta's kid will grow up to inspire people to better themselves.

But a wolf cub cannot learn from a parent who shelters it form the rest of the pack and the rest of the world. If it is going to be a brave and fearless hunter, it must learn the ways of the wolf through its gateway to the rest of its life: the pack. And the SGI is that place along with the others. So be smart like Jule Ann Light and keep your kids with the SGI because she says: "These activities are absolutely invaluable because they give you a healthy environment where they can grow and develop to become valuable citizens of the world." And a valuable citizen is something all of us kids can be. Jule Ann Light knows to encourage her 18 year old son in every possible way and to provide him with a good environment.


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