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Old School Vs. New School - The Battle with Meaning

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By Amari Snyder / Sunday, June 11th, 2006 / New York Culture Center

Birds sing and wolves howl mournfully at the moon. But these guys can Rap. As I opened the door to Room 308 to the Hip Hop MC Battle group, two things hit me: one was the cool beat playing in the background and two, there were people of many different ages coming together to make this thing happen. .

On the day the festival, there will be a rap battle as two opposing sides will battle for dominance: Old school versus New School. This will be better than wrestling! I have witnessed myself the young entertainers prepare in order to create a performance unmatched by either MTV or BET. This is promising to be a performance that will match the eloquence of Saturday Night Live. Prepare your popcorn! But underneath the conflict of Old School versus New School, a greater message lies: the battle will show how Old School and New School styles merge under the Mentor and Disciple relationship.

This group's leader is Michael Jeter from Jamaica, New York - a YMD who has been rapping for about 15 years. And after all that time he knows what is important to this performance: "Unity" and "Really connecting to the spirit of President Ikeda and encouraging the youth." And certainly, the rap-group is united. Oh sure, they make a little joke now and then about each other, but my first impression when I walked into the room is that I walked into a room full of friends that have known each other for years, like my family at Thanksgiving. Maybe their preferences toward rap music united them together. Maybe if the whole world was united like that we'd achieve world-peace.

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