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[Sunday, July 1st]
Observers: Documentary Committee
This week I have been given the privilege of reporting on a group I hold in high esteem: my own Documentary Committee...
[Sunday, July 1st]
Parents: the whole world in their hands
We all know that we children are the future. When my old body becomes nothing more than dust in a coffin, my children will be alive making sure the ever going cycle of life continues...
[Sunday, July 1st]
Lunch Committee: Determinations and Goals
The selfless people and parents who provided us with applauds and yummy lunches over the past two weekends at the O'Henry High School...
[Sunday, June 25th]
Brazilian Capoeira: Ginga! Ginga! Roll!
In a very humid room, Brazilian Capoeira instructor Andreia Breed began to shout out commands to her students; "Ginga! Roll! Ginga!"
[Sunday, June 18th]
Up Front with the Behind the Scenes Group
They are always nearby and vigilantly awaiting to assist anyone with warm smiles...

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