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Ginga! Ginga! Roll!

By Kiro Kiruza / Sunday, June 25th, 2006 / O'Henry High School

In a very humid room, Brazilian Capoeira instructor Andreia Breed began to shout out commands to her students; "Ginga! Roll! Ginga!"

Ginga is a fundamental movement in Brazilian Capoeira. It means to rock back and forth and to swing. I could feel the intensity of the movements in Andreia's students as they mock sparred with each other on the floor. The opponents would almost mimic each other's moves, swinging back and forth. They would swing their arms in a defense blocking posture while in the same rotation, launch a round-house kick. However, no one is hurt in this type of display sparring.

Brazilian Capoeira instructor Andreia Breed has been practicing this art form for many years. Her goal is to spread the art form, techniques and deep culture behind Brazilian Capoeira. Andreia is very pleased on how many SGI members have joined her Capoeira class and have progressed since the rehearsals started back in May. When asked if she would come back next year to teach more students in Brazilian Capoeira, Andreia said that she would absolutely come back.

One of Andreia's students, Po Ki Chui has been with the Brazilian Capoeira class for a few weeks already. She said that in the beginning she was very unathletic and needed to boost her stamina. Today she thanks Brazilian Capoeira for giving her more endurance, flexibility and confidence in herself. Today, Po Ki is one of Andreia's most dedicated students in the Brazilian Capoeira beginners' class.

If you would like more information on Brazilian Capoeira or if you would like the attend a class, click get involved. Until the next rehearsal, GINGA!

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