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The Farm's Music (Nong Ahk):This traditional music prays for good harvest and the community's welfare- especially being free from disease and for longevity. This is peculiarly from South Korea. It is composed of dance, acrobat and song accompanied by Korean style instruments like Gwenggari, Jing, Buck, and Jang gu. Koreans call it synthetic art. Contact Kaye Kim

Achieving a United Rhythm!

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By Paula Bailey / Sunday, May 14th, 2006 / New York Culture Center

I found the Asian/Southeast performers, already absorbed in their activity , in the main Gohonzon room of the New York Culture Center on the morning of Sunday, May 14. Led by Kaye Kim, the Asian/Southeast performance group will be performing the Chinese Lion Dance, which includes a Korean Drummer performance at the upcoming Northeast Zone Youth Festival. Currently, their group membership stands at 13 but their goal is to have 40 members towards July 16th, 2006.

The group was practicing two different parts of their performance at the time that I arrived. Overall, everyone was focused and in high spirits as they tried and tried again to achieve a sound of united rhythm. At one point during my time with the Asian/Southeast performance group, we were able to watch a video of the Chinese Lion Dance actually being performed on stage with the costumes, stage set up-it was remarkable! As we watched, Ping Low, from Queens, and I spoke more about the background behind this amazing dance performance. Ping informed me that each performer had to really think of themselves as a lion and keep in mind the instincts of a lion. Every movement had to be sharp so that their overall performance was dynamic and powerful. Therefore, unity was a number one requirement. I asked her if the head of the costume was heavy and she said yes, it was heavy so the person who was under it had to be small since the other three people would eventually have to hold that person up on their shoulders. Perhaps the most remarkable part of the performance was when the lion had to jump onto a pole and jump from the top of one pole to a next .

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