Out Our Way Productions

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Susan Damante is a founder of Out Our Way Productions and also a professional actor since the age of 18. She recently toured New York City successfully with her solo show, "Life, Death and Entertainment." The site is to promote both, herself and her productions company. The site has a mixture of content of videos, photos, and critics.

Silvi '59

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Silvi '59 is the natural line of skincare product contains extracts from Grapes and from the leaves of the grapevine as well as natural ingredients like Shea butter, Lavender and Sweet Almonds and precious stones like Malachite and Rhodochrosite.

Youth Festival in Lincoln Center, NY

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The Youth Festival is a voluntary youth activity in SGI-USA. I involved in the festival as a Documentary
Committee In-Charage. The committee produced weekly newsletters, promotional videos and photography, and the website. The website combines all the produced conent from the committee members who are professional/amateur in each field. The site meets several goals: 1. Help participants to get updates about weekly activities and rehearsals, 2. share their stories, 3. Ask their active engagement to the festival. As Documentary Committee In-Charge, I designed the website and update the site as well as plan the weekly schedule and task for the committee members. I also managed about eight writers, six photographers, three graphic designers, four filmmakers and one engineer.

CMU Late Night Program Site

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This site was for the Carnegie Mellon University, Late Night Program.

Dancers' Symposium

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Dancers' Symposium is one of the large student acitivity groups at Carnegie Mellon University. I redesigned their logo and website. I categorized six main menus and used different color schemes to distinguish each groups easily.

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