Logo: Moving Zoo

This zoo has a unique point. It can really move. The zoo travels on a truck. Inside, there are farm animals and pets. It is especially for children who want to learn about these friendly animals, so the Moving Zoo visits children's institutes and kindergartens to teach them. I apply two main concepts: 1. To make it fun for children. 2. To show its mobility. In circus, watching a clown who's juggling with balls is fun. I simplified the mole, chick, hamster, iguana, and ginie pig into a circular shape, looking like juggling balls. And so they are moving!

CMU Latenight Program

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The logo design is for Carnegie Mellon University, Late Night Program for students. While I worked as a graphic designer in Student Activity Center, I designed their logos and website.

Logo: Featherlite from DAC

DAC is a tent pole manufacturing company in South Korea. They export the lightest aluminum tent poles and components to the world. Therefore, their products are named as featherlite. The logo exploration is for a new product, featherlite alpha and delta. I used a feather image to emphasize its lightness.

Branding: Akureyri

This branding is designed for a high functional sport wear company. Naming the company, I came up with "Akureyri" which is an only green place near the North Pole. The motif of 2D abstract image is from snow flakes. The main color scheme is a combination of Orange, yellow and warm gray in which to enhance a warm-temperature feeling

Cadence Journal Book

The journal book, Cadence gives people time to hold their fast-paced lives into a paused moment. Cadence means rhythm. In a paused moment, there is also soundless rhythm. People can feel this silent but powerful rhythm from their innermost mind. In the cover and content spreads, every element is energetic that represents a fast world. In transparent vertical bars in the spreads, there is a paused moment exists. I also used type as an image in the main spreads.

Type Cards

This is to design twelve pieces of unique business cards. To beigin with, I designed the background with using only typography. Then, I integrated my personal information (micro) into the typographic background (macro).

28x Bus Flyer

This is to redesign the 28x Bus Flyer. Finding out problems in an existing flyer was the first step. Problems are: 1. a confusing orientation, 2. an ineffective time table, and 3. a complicated map design. I redesigned the bus flyer, focusing on solving those problems.

Information Space (Eye Magazine)

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After reading Eye magazine, I visualize the information in the magazine into a time based media. I analyzied the quantity of information per chapters in the magazine. Then, I represented its comparison by the different length of colored section in the bar.

Mr. Snail's Journey

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I created the animation for the show in Carnegie Museum in Earth Theatre. All hand drawings and paintings. They were put into motion using After Effects. The topic is about mullusk species to educate children who come to the museum. I emphasizes that mullusk species such snails and slugs are found in almost every climate on the earth. I drew all the visual images and added the voice over into the motion.

Synopsis: Mr. Mountaintop Snail decided to visit his cousin, sea slug. His cousin lives at the bottom sea. During his trip from the mountain to the sea, he meets many relatives and friends along the way.

The Letter

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This is a short story about a girl who has recently lost someone in her life. The story begines with her daily life. There is one place where becomes great meaning in her life. It is the mailbox. Mailbox is always empty as if it interprets her feeling of emptiness.

Iknoa User Story: The Start of Derek's Work Day

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I created this short video of the user story for IKONA. IKONA is a communication product that provides close friends with a shared emotional and environmental experience. This is a device that I created for the Interaction Design Studio. It is exclusively targeted at one-on-one communication, focused on young adults between the age of 18-25. Friends can communicate through expressive iconic symbols and a subtle ambient glow. The device is carried with you all times-on a key chain or in a pocket. The IKONA is non-intrusive, and provides cues of information about your intimate friend, showing whether they are at home, work or away.


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This is a experimental film to discover what glass. The discovery is subjective and abstract. It divides three distinctive sections. First section is mainly combined three abstract glass images with kinetic typography. The flowing letters indicate the chemical signs of glass element such as, Se, Si, B, Ge, and S. These are possible chemical atoms can be formed into glass. Second section is to show the process of glass blowing. Third section is focused on the glass art.

Counting Stars At Night

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It represent the poem Counting Stars at Night written by a famous Korean poet, Yoon dong-ju. I visually express the content with typographic elements only. The music is Starry Night composed by George Crumb.

Seven Dots

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I created this dynamic animation with using one design element, dot. Repeading the dot with a certain movement creates waves of rhythm.

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